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Frequently Asked Questions...

What are the definitions of these film terms?

real sound
white balance
perspective shot
color correction
character list
technical acting

Best Answer...


Reflector: the equipment that measures the lights reflected qualities on a background or character's face
Real sound: is the actual sound used during shooting and not an over dub
White balance: I believe is the flat contrast of color or sound in a given scene
perspective shot: the camera angle used to depict being viewed by another person's perspective
Color correction: using filters with the intention to alter the overall color of the light
Character list: the actual amount of characters meant for a given scene
Characterization: a course of actions which develops characters role in a given scene
Technical acting: an actor using powerful vocal and physical work to bring the character to life
Gaze: is a character glancing off into the distance or the pan shot which draws back to reveal the back-draft