Beatles White Album

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The Beatles - The Beatles (White Album) [Full Album]

Frequently Asked Questions...

How much is The Beatles White album worth?

One that is unopened with the factory plastic and everything still on it. An actual record, not a CD or anything.

Best Answer...


if it's unopened about $75+. on pawn stars rick paid a guy $75 for dylan's self portrait, not his best by far it was not in the plastic and rick knew dylan was in town so he sent chum lee to get it autographed. surprisingly he found dylan after a few excuses bob signed the album to chum lee best wishes bob dylan. when he brought it back to the store rick was gonna kill him. he said if bob dylan signed it it would be worth a small fortune ,but with to chum lee on it you just bought a bob dylan album autographed to yourself. which proves, there are many things that raise or lower the price of an album. i could have bought a hand written lyric in a casino in atlantic city about 15 years ago but it was like $300 or something. when i read last week that a handwritten bob dylan lyric for the the times they are a changing, i lost my appetite